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Enjoy Enhanced Convenience and Comfort with Height Adjustable Tables!

Tables are an everyday feature in most homes, and they have remained essentially unchanged for centuries: static, inflexible pieces of furniture. Height Adjustable tables change that paradigm. Your lifestyle is not going to be exactly the same forever, so why should your desk or table be?

  • The ability to tailor the height to your specific needs. The ModTable’s minimum height is 27.5” and the maximum height is 47”.
  • Multiple health benefits that include better posture and increased metabolism.
  • Innovative design that permits virtually infinite variations in its use.
  • Medium and large high quality table tops made out of commercial grade particle board and high pressure laminate. Available in white, black, espresso and honey maple.
  • Long lasting, durable frames in black, white, silver or red.

Have your own top? Get Creative!