What Goes Into Making a MultiTable Desk?

EpicFrom the drawing board to customer delivery, MultiTable designs its manual desks to be manual, unlike competitors that merely convert electric desks. That’s an important distinction, according to Drew de Weerd, President of MultiTable.com. “If you choose to go with a manual table, you won’t find a better one than ours,” he said. “It’s an amazing product, it does exactly what it says that it should. That’s the feedback we get from our customers – they’re all amazed at how our desks work.”

As you can imagine, it takes a lot of hard work to bring a new MultiTable height adjustable desk to market, but you may not realize the attention to detail that goes into the process. It begins with putting yourself into the minds of consumers and from the time they began working together in 1997, de Weerd and MultiTable engineer Tom van Duinen have approached their work from that perspective.

Malaysia packing 2Something as seemingly mundane as getting a desk to a customer takes planning. “Since our tables are consumer tables – we design products for the end user – there are specific things that come into play if we want to transport something – the size, weight, the packaging has to be UPS-proof,” said de Weerd. MultiTable offers free shipping within the contiguous United States so it’s important to keep those costs down to a minimum and because they’re designed to be assembled by consumers, they have to be easy to put together. “Jokingly, we used to say we had to make our desks ‘mom-proof’, because I used to ship things to my mom and say, ‘can you do me a big favor’ and she would curse me, massively, because she knew that she had to get into a box that was fifty pounds,” said a smiling de Weerd.

Malaysia packing 3Attention to detail is key. Something as simple as designing the correct size bolt has to be carefully planned along with making sure customers have the right tools. “You can’t expect everyone to have a metric allen wrench, so you include one with it,” van Duinen said. “Most people, if they don’t like tools, they don’t like putting stuff together, they’re not going to buy stuff they have to assemble. We try to make it as easy as possible for people who never played with tools, even as children.”

“We pre-drill all of our table tops, so someone doesn’t have to use an electric drill,” added de Weerd. While he and van Duinen learned from mistakes made along the way, this was a decision made intuitively. “We never actually made the mistake of not having pre-drilled holes. We’re selling to end users and we cannot expect them to have a drill.”

Malaysia packing 4Getting back to shipping MultiTable desks, de Weerd says that issue was on their radar early on. “One of our challenges was, how much can we assemble and still put it in a shippable box?” he said.

For engineer van Duinen, the solution was a simple one that took some ingenuity: making the parts to be shipped just a tad smaller. For example, he said, “cutting a 60 inch desk top down to 57 inches meant we could save quite a bit on paying a shipping premium.” That seemingly minor adjustment meant big savings, making it possible for MultiTable to offer the industry-leading policy of giving customers free shipping on products.

Remaining a small business has paid off for MultiTable. For example, for a time the company outsourced the manufacturing of table tops. When the quality proved inconsistent, they began making the parts in-house. “The added bonus is we can do custom table tops. If someone wants a conference table or a small table or extra slots, we can deliver it to them,” continued de Weerd. “That’s one of the advantages of being a small business – whatever we have to do, we do.”

To see the entire product line of standing desks and accessories and discover how you can live the Height of Healthy Design, go to MultiTable.com.

The Winners of Our 5 Days of Desks Giveaway

New_Year_2015_BlogIn the days leading up to 2016, MultiTable.com held our first-ever 5 Days of Desks Giveaway, culminating in the last winner drawn on New Year’s Day. People had the chance to win one of five Manual ModTable Standing Desks by answering the question, “Why do you want to live the Height of Healthy Design?”

We were impressed with the answers we received, with responses that ranged from practical to poignant. While we truly appreciate each and every person who took the time to enter, we could choose only five people to win. We’d now like to introduce you to them and their stories.

Winner #1: Jon G. has enjoyed the benefits of MultiTable desks for years, using one at his office and one at home. He requested a standing desk for his wife, hoping that standing while working would improve her posture. We were happy to oblige, and hope Jon’s new ModTable standing desk will make a positive difference in his wife’s health.

original_4dbe8c08c684a5f219badcbc68b02d13Winner #2: Our second winner is Heather B., a woman with an inspirational story. About a year ago, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. While she was “blindsided” by the news and spent many hours in the hospital and in therapy, she was able to regain the use of her legs and upper body. She also kept her work-from-home job, but the MS made it extremely uncomfortable to work. She found that standing during the day helped to alleviate her pain and hoped that a MultiTable adjustable desk would help to work more efficiently and continue to “be a productive member of society.” MultiTable is pleased Heather wrote us and wish her years of happiness using her new ModTable standing desk.

Winner #3: Shana K. works 14-hour days and cares for rescue dogs in her spare time. She wrote, “I end my day sitting on the couch with dogs all over me working on my laptop. My back, neck and shoulders ache constantly and it would be great to have the ability to stand and work during the day.” MultiTable is pleased to give Shana the chance to live the Height of Healthy Design and we hope she gets many years of use from her new standing desk.Winner#3

Winner #4: For Roslyn W., her new ModTable standing desk is a real godsend. Her diabetes is noticeably impacted when she stands for long periods at work. She requested a ModTable desk so she could stand while working as a teacher/learning specialist for a local school. We are pleased to help Roslyn truly rise to the Height of Healthy Design!

large_19d4e52e19a51b05fc576182081838efWinner #5: The final winner in our 5 Days of Desks Giveaway, Chris L., worked at a desk that’s so low to the ground his knees didn’t fit under it. “I have been trying to convince my boss for a while now to allow me to get one of your ModTable Standing Desks. I am dreaming of being able to not only sit at my desk in a healthy form but to be able to stand up and work efficiently sounds like a life changer!,” he wrote. Here’s to a changed life for Chris in 2016!

MultiTable congratulates the winners of our 5 Days of Desks Giveaway and thanks everyone who entered. To learn more about how you can join them in living the Height of Healthy Design, please visit us at MultiTable.com.

MultiTable is Good for the Heart

The MultiTable team joined forces recently with the American Heart Association to bring support and awareness to the critical issue of heart disease in women during National Wear Red Day. Every employee of MultiTable showed up for work proudly wearing red!

“We’ve always focused on the health aspects of our height adjustable tables,” says MultiTable President Drew De Weerd. “Supporting the American Heart Association in their goal to save lives through  the National Wear Red campaign is a natural progression of our health mission. That’s why we have encouraged our staff to help raise awareness of heart disease in women by wearing red on National Wear Red Day.”


MultiTable.com News: October 2013 – Columbus Day Sale!

Christopher Columbus isn’t the only one who made a great discovery! You can discover our great sale for Columbus Day! If you order from us between October 10 through October 14, you’ll save $50 on each Mod-E Base and/or Mode-E Combination!

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MultiTable.com News: October 2013 – New Product Line Introduced

We’ve often said it. Accessories are everything! So why not take a page from the fashion magazines and offer our own accessories! We are thrilled to announce our new product line – fabulous accessories for your height adjustable desk! We’re offering wheel kits, CPU Holder, Single and Dual Monitor Arms and a Swiveling Keyboard and Mouse Tray!

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MultiTable.com News: October 2013 – How To Start Standing More

You’ve heard the news – sitting is the new smoking. If you want to maintain your health, it’s important to eat right, exercise, and now, add stand more to the list. But how do you increase your standing every day? First you need to get your baseline, meaning how many hours do you typically spend sitting each day? How many hours are you standing? It helps to keep a log for a few days and see where you stand! (Sorry, we just couldn’t resist!). Once you’ve got your baseline, you can make a conscious effort to stand more. Here’s a few tips to get you on your feet:

Sept2013_21. Try walking more each day. Get a pedometer and increase your steps every day.

2. Try to stand more frequently. In an hour, the average adult burns 81 calories by sitting, and 94 calories by standing.

3. Take a lap around the office every morning and every afternoon.

4. Put eight sticky notes on your computer each day, and take one off every time you get up from your desk.

5. Making a phone call or reading your email? Stand up!

6. Having a business meeting? Instead of sitting at your desk or around a conference table, go for a walking meeting!

7. And, of course, get a height adjustable table or standing desk from MultiTable.com!

For more information about height adjustable desks, go to our website at MultiTable.com.

Increase Your Energy with an Adjustable Computer Table

The basic science behind how an adjustable computer table can give you more energy is pretty obvious, despite how vague such statements might sound at first. A number of factors contribute to your feelings of energy and sluggishness throughout the day, but physical fitness, health, and your metabolism are at the top of the list. And an adjustable height workstation can passively improve all three of these factors while you work.

If you change your habits at work and start spending half of your eight-hour day standing, you will burn 25% more calories during that time standing. Even if there were no other changes at all to your body, meaning changing your activity patterns had no impact on your internal physiology – it obviously does – you’d still burn somewhere around 100 extra calories a day. That’s not a lot, but if you do that for a year, that’s 25,000 calories burned. Some really inexact math suggests that’s between seven and nine pounds. And when you cut down on fat and weigh less, you have more energy.

There’s also a distinct impact on your metabolism itself. Researchers call it the “physiology of sitting.” When you spend hours a day sitting for years, your body changes and produces less energy. For example, when in use, muscles release certain proteins that play an important part in regulating and encouraging fat consumption. When you’re sitting, your leg muscles and core don’t do anything, so sitting decreases the presence of these proteins. A lot of other things happen, many of which parallel this chance, but the basic result is that your body stops being efficient at turning the food you eat into energy that your muscles will burn right away, and instead either leaves it as fat, converts it to fat, or converts a lot less of it to readily useable energy.

The effects of your body’s increasing inability to turn food into energy and consume it efficiently, which is basically what the word metabolism refers to, are far-reaching. One of the most relevant for how an adjustable computer table gives you energy is that, unsurprisingly, a lower metabolism makes you feel like you have less energy. Because you literally do.

A slower metabolism, or the opposite, the return to a healthier metabolism from a standing desk, impacts your body throughout the day. Just as when you go for a run or work out your metabolism remains elevated for hours afterwards and contributes to a generally higher ability to burn calories efficiently, so too does sitting too much have the opposite effect. And this leads to more fat and less efficient muscles, which brings up the first point again, about how being less fat, healthier, and more fit gives you energy.

It’s a simple thing to say that standing at an adjustable computer desk will give you more energy and bring clarity and focus to your work. But now you have a basic idea of why standing for a few hours instead of sitting will literally change the way your brain feels while you work.


Compliment an Adjustable Table with These Stretches

One of the many side effects of desk and computer-oriented life is the proliferation of neck, back and shoulder pain. Tiling your head at weird angles, repetitive typing, and any number of other unnatural positions and motions lead to discomfort and pain in joints and muscles. You can alleviate a number of them with an adjustable table or desk that lets you stand while working, especially if your lower back is a concern. But that takes time. These stretches offer more immediate relief if you’re in pain now and want to work out those knots and muscles strains before your height adjustable table is ready.

1. Stretch your back and shoulders against a wall

“Forward head” is one of the names for slouching in the shoulders and neck. With the shoulders rolled forward and the neck leaning forward, the upper back and neck have to strain to hold the head up. This happens to a lot of people who sit at computers and hunch over the monitor, but you can retrain your body to not do this.

Stand with your back against a wall and arms resting at your sides. Your heels can be against the wall or a few inches off of it. Gently press your back, shoulders and neck towards the wall. Don’t strain or do anything that hurts, but you should feel a gentle stretch across your chest and the front of your shoulders. You can emphasize the shoulder stretch by raising your hands up above your shoulders, as if in a “don’t shoot, I’m innocent” pose. Your elbows and the back of your hands should touch the wall, as your back should continue to do. If you can press your hands against the wall with your elbows above your shoulders try and draw your elbows down towards your sides to intensify the stretch.

2. Stretch the back of your shoulders and your upper back while seated

In a upright position with your shoulders and spine in a neutral position, bring your arms above your head and cross your wrists. Rotate your hands inward so each hand can grasp the palm of the other, and press your arms against your ears. Roll your upper back forward and bring your arms and head down so your arms are parallel with the ground. You should feel a gentle stretch across your upper back, shoulders, and neck. You can intensify the stretch by driving your hands further forward using your shoulders.

This can relieve some of the tightness from typing on a keyboard all day.

3. Stretch your arm across your chest

While seated or standing, bring your left arm across the front of your chest. Put the inside of your right elbow on your left elbow and pull your left arm in towards your body while pushing your left shoulder across the torso. Don’t rotate your body, but do gently look to the left. You should feel a stretch in your left shoulder and chest, as well as the right side of your neck. Repeat on the right side.

These three simple stretches are something you can do regularly at work for an immediate impact on shoulder, neck and back pain and posture. So even while you’re waiting to get your new adjustable table set up you can start addressing some of your physical discomfort.



Ease Into Work With an Adjustable Height Desk

We keep talking about the advantages of standing at work by using an adjustable height desk. “Get on your feet with an adjustable height table to protect your heart and relieve all kinds of aches and pains,” we say. Some people worry that standing will interrupt their ability to do work, but when you look at the most common tasks people complete every day, it’s clear that standing doesn’t get in the way. So here are a few suggestions of common work activities that you can do while standing and at the same time still be 100% as efficient as you would be sitting.

You can:

  • Read and respond to emails;
  • Read research articles and data for your next meeting;
  • Peruse and correct Powerpoint;
  • Run a statistical analysis model;
  • Sit in on a call;
  • Chat with friends;
  • Read the news during your break;
  • Watch a video of a presentation; and
  • Call clients

Those are pretty obvious because they all involve the computer or the phone. Whenever you are going to be interacting with one tool and reading something, it makes sense that you could do it just as well standing. But there are some less obvious tasks you can do at work while standing:

  • Fill in your planner or schedule
  • Hand-edit or annotate anything printed on paper
  • Highlight a script to give people their cues
  • Address and stamp envelopes
  • Sort papers and mail

These are the kinds of tasks people think require a lot of movement and access to space, and for some reason this means they think such tasks must be performed while sitting down in order to be more efficient. But writing and sorting are just as easy to do standing as sitting, and perhaps easier if you have multiple stacks of papers that require you to reach across the desk.

This list is long and suggests a number of similar activities, and for most people they will take up the majority of the day, meaning many could actually do nearly all their work standing. And if you’re standing at your desk for 75% of your day, you’re already winning and getting these benefits. But there are a few activities that might be easier or more efficient sitting down such as:

  • Scratching your feet
  • Picking your pencil up off the floor
  • Reaching the outlet to unplug your mobile phone charger
  • Getting papers out of the bottom drawer of a filing cabinet
  • Plugging your headphone into the back of your computer tower if it’s on the floor
  • Claiming the “five-second rule” on the cracker you dropped

In all seriousness, the only arguably legitimate reason a person would benefit from sitting at work instead of standing is because they need to rest their legs. And sitting down when you are tired does feel good. But the point is that you can and should spend more time standing at work, whether you have a height adjustable table or not. Look for work situations where you can just stand up, and maybe pace around your office, like while you’re on hold and have the phone on speaker. Until you get the right, multi-height table set up, this is the best solution. Your body will thank you in a few years.



Welcome to the MultiTable.com Blog!

Welcome to the MultiTable Blog where you will discover the importance of taking a STAND against sitting for extended periods of time!

We want to keep you in the know!

  •    .Find out what’s new with MultiTable and the MultiTable Team.
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Our height adjustable desks and tables are the healthy solution for work spaces in the home and office.  Our customers choosing to stand periodically throughout the work day are significantly reducing health risks and adding years to their lives!

Check out these startling stats!

  •    .More than two-thirds of the mid-age population in developed countries like the UK, the USA and Australia is now overweight or obese.[1]
  •    .The simple act of standing up instead of sitting may help you burn as many as 50 more calories per hour, depending on your size.[2]
  •    .Prolonged sitting has been linked to breast and colon cancer.[3]


[1] http://bjsm.bmj.com/content/43/2/81.full
[2] http://www.livestrong.com/article/73916-calories-burned-standing-vs.-sitting/
[3] http://yourlife.usatoday.com/health/medical/cancer/story/2011-11-03/Prolonged-sitting-linked-to-breast-cancer-colon-cancer/51051928/1