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About Us


Who We Are:

Established in 2010, MultiTable.com is a leading manufacturer of height adjustable standing desks and tables for the office and home office. We combine the incredible health benefits of standing periodically while working with the customization and style of creating your own work space. Our ergonomic adjustable height standing desks come in a wide variety of colors, sizes and styles.

What We Do:

MultiTable.com creates affordable height adjustable solutions that promote individuality and healthy living while looking smart and stylish. MultiTable.com manufactures and sells adjustable desks including the ModTable & Mod-E through e-commerce site MultiTable.com. 

What We Believe:

We believe in health! Physical inactivity, most commonly sitting, contributes to numerous physical and mental health problems and is responsible for an estimated 200,000 deaths per year.  Periodically standing during the day significantly decrease health risks for both heart disease and cancers.

Using a height adjustable standing desk or table from MultiTable.com may:

  •         -  Reduce cancer risks by 18%-37%
  •         -  Reduce heart disease risks by 46%
  •         -  Increase energy, productivity, and stamina!



Using a height adjustable desk or table from MultiTable may: