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Keeping with the Trends: Ergonomics



In our Gallery you will find a selection of some of our most popular ModTable bases and table top combinations.  In addition to the various pairings that can be made with a ModTable base and table top, our bases are also available for purchase separately so that you can add a custom top or utilize an existing table top of your own.

Do you have photos to share?

We would love to see how you are utilizing your ModTable and how it fits into your workspace.  Whether you are using a single ModTable in a small home office or several in a large office space we would appreciate if you would share!  Snap a quick pic with your phone or use a higher quality camera – all are welcome.

We will be dedicating a photo album to your amazing pictures underneath the above Gallery and will be updating it regularly.  Please send us your images by emailing them to info@multitable.com.

Thank you for your support!


Customer Photos:

From Janet:

"They are looking Great!!"

Janet Installation




From Chris:

"Loving the new ModTable by the way....."




University of Utah: School of Medicine, Student Lounge

University of Utah - School of Medicine, Student Lounge



University of Utah: College of Nursing, Student Lounge

University of Utah - College of Nursing, Student Lounge



University of Utah: College of Nursing, Student Lounge

University of Utah - College of Nursing, Student Lounge



University of Utah: ECCLES Health Scienses Library

Univerity of Utah - ECCLES Health Scienses Library



From Tim:

"I can tell you I think it is great. Here is pic of my desk and workstation, I work from home so this addition to my setup has worked out great. Been standing now for over 2 weeks and I find at the end of the day I have more energy than when I sat all day. Great product and service."



From Jon:

"We're loving the new table here at Bolster. We're a Brand Engagement Agency in Minneapolis and what better way to get active and engaged than to get up from your chair and groove while working. I've been using this all week long and love it. Also, we appreciate the build-quality and design that fits perfectly with our office aesthetic."



From Jennifer:

"My new table base is great! I am impressed with its quality and the ease of installation. I used the top from the existing side-portion of my desk, replacing the bottom part with the new base, and the height was a perfect match. Due to my height, I was initially concerned that it might not adjust high enough, but it turned out to be just right at the top of its range. Height adjustment is quick and easy. I am very pleased with the base and appreciate your responsiveness to the questions I had before purchasing it.I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an adjustable sitting/standing desk!"



From Heath:

“Our new ModTables are awesome! The freedom to easily go from sitting to standing anytime you want is extremely useful. We liked our four new desks so much we ordered three more a week later!”



From Katie: 

“I work from home and alternate between standing and sitting. The ModTable is strong enough to support the solid-wood top I have (from Ikea) and all my desk stuff, including a metal lamp and a cedar chest of drawers that's full of supplies. and I've been singing the praises of my ModTable. Some folks have even contacted me directly to ask about my experience (all good).”



From Annette:

“I am a graphic designer and spend a great deal of time at the computer. A little over a year ago, my knees and left sciatic nerve reached their limits for abuse and sitting became absolutely miserable. Being able to work standing as well as sitting (and walking) has made a world of difference in my life. Physical therapy exercises have me on the mend, and my ergonomic workstation has made work a pleasure again!”


In December we received the below customer photo.


A note to the customer, from MultiTable:  Great set-up, it was a pleasure working with you and we love your office!

Great Customer Photo Received 12.18.11